Comparison To Treatments By Other Companies:

At Bed Bugs all Gone, our exterminators in The San Francisco Bay Area and around The Big Valley use the safest and most advanced method in extermination. The majority of our clients have had their bed bug bites stop never to return. And, you will receive a one-year warranty against bed bugs getting back on any treated bed. In other words, the bed bugs don’t come back.

Traditional Toxic Treatment:


We do not know of any positive points to toxic treatments.  The bed bug epidemic has increased by 15-20% yearly for over two decades despite widespread use of this traditional approach.


  • Some toxicants are repellants and spread the bedbugs farther afield.

  • Bed bugs have become ever more immune to the toxins used today; toxic chemicals are therefore ineffective.  

  • The chemicals used are toxic to you, your children and your pets.

  • The success rate is considered poor in the long run. There was an article in one of our trade magazines where a company bragged that it could achieve control 80% of the time after 3 visits.  That means that 20% of the time they need to come back a fourth, fifth, or even sixth time to get control.  (Their clients call us after they have had a many as six unsuccessful treatments.)

  • This approach does not leave an effective long-term residual.  There is nothing to protect you from re-infestation during the course of the ensuing year.

  • Companies offering toxic treatments offer only a 30-day guarantee, if that.

Dry Heat Treatment:


  • It can kill bed bugs in a day if done effectively.  Effectively is a key word here.

  • It is less expensive than fumigation.


  • You need a master at dry heat treatment to eradicate the bed bugs.  If the home is heated too hot, valuables in your home will be destroyed (Steve Coy was on site watching a demonstration and saw this happen first hand.)  If it is not heated hot enough, for a long enough time, the bed bugs will survive.

  • If you live in an apartment or condo, the bed bugs can duck through the walls and hide out at your neighbor’s for awhile; only to come back later and “bug” you.

  • If you are on a concrete slab, the bedbugs can duck down in colder crevices and survive  the effects of the heat.  (You are still infested.)

  • You have absolutely no residual protection from bedbugs, the scourge of the 21st century. The day after treatment you are fair game to be infested again.  As bedbugs become more and more prevalent, the chances of re-infestation are great.

Toxic Gas Fumigation:


  • If done properly, you may be rid of existing bedbugs within four days.


  • Toxic gas fumigation is extremely expensive

  • You announce to the world that you have bedbugs (or termites.)

  • It is cumbersome in that you have to totally leave your home for three or four days and find other housing. Depending on where you stay, there is always the chance that you will re-infest your home on your return.

  • You must remove all plant life, animal life, food and anything else you do not want impregnated with deadly vikane gas.

  • If somehow, a bedbug manages to escape the gas (which is highly unlikely,) you’ll still have bedbugs.

  • You have no residual to kill bedbugs after treatment which can be transported into your home in any number of ways. (Most likely you have no idea how you “caught” this dreaded disaster in the first place and you won’t know from which it came the next time.)

  • Fumigation is generally only for single family homes, not apartments or condos, since you can’t tent just part of a structure.

  • There can be damage to the landscape, roof, or other parts of the home from the erecting and dismantling of the tent that will encapsulate your entire home.

Cryogenic (Cold) Treatment and Steam Treatment:

These treatments are most certainly impractical for most situations.  If you are interested, you can discuss these methods with Steve Coy, owner of Bed Bugs all Gone.  We know of no one in the San Francisco Bay Area or The Big Valley that offers either of these two options for whole room or whole home extermination.