Our non-toxic program is best because it stops bites fastest, takes no preparation, gives results that last over a year, and it is the safest.  The bed bugs will die; you win.

Summary of Our Treatment Method:

In one single non-toxic service, Bed Bugs all Gone generally stops bites from that very day.  It leaves a residual that continues to kill bed bugs for over a year; therefore we give you a one-year warranty.  This is important to have because bed bugs can live for a year between meals. Our experience is that 95% of our clients do not have us back during the course of the year’s warranty.

The EPA requires toxic materials to have short half-lives so that toxicity does not build up in the environment.  Because of this, companies using the toxic method usually give warranties of only 30 days or less and warranty or not, the bed bugs keep coming back.

We use Cimi-Shield to create a non-toxic Virtual Minefield that kills bed bugs within a fraction of a day after they walk over the treated surfaces.  Every time a bed bug approaches your bed seeking a meal during the course of a whole year, the bed bug will die.  (Read more about Cimi-Shield and the Virtual Minefield below)

Bed Bugs all Gone also turns your bed into an Island Fortress.  We do this by encapsulating the mattress and the box spring with bed bug proof encasements which traps any bugs that are in them.  Then we steam the frame to kill any bed bugs in it. We also place special isolators under the feet of the bed and position the bed with an air space around it to prevent bed bugs from gaining access because they do not fly or jump.  Thus you won’t get new bites that very night. (Read more about the Island Fortress below)

Cimi-Shield and The “Virtual Minefield”

Non-toxic Cimi-Shield is made from food grade soy protein.  The polypeptide protein chains are arranged as an esterase. This protein is not a neurotoxin and works mechanically by dissolving the waxy coating on the bed bug’s exoskeleton.  When the waxy coating becomes porous, the bed bug loses its moisture and dies of dehydration within a few hours.

Cimi-Shield has been proven by real world testing.  As part of the government filings during the product’s approval process, a demonstration was set up.  An apartment was treated with Cimi-Shield one year previously.  In this demonstration, fresh bed bugs were released in this same apartment a year later.  Researchers were assigned to follow one bed bug each. All the new bed bugs died within two to eight hours of exposure to the Cimi-Shield that remained in the carpet even after a full year of vacuuming and human traffic.

The pros of having a service with Cimi-Shield include:

  • When bed bugs come in contact with Cimi-Shield, they die in less than a day.

  • It is long-lasting.  Cimi-Shield residual kills bed bugs for over a year.  This is absolutely essential since bed bugs can live over a year without eating.

  • Cimi-Shield dries quickly and virtually odorless.

  • There is no preparation required.

  • It is a one-time service taking part of a day.

  • You don’t even need to leave your home; in fact we prefer it if you stay.

  • Cimi-Shield falls under the category of GRAS which stands for Generally Regarded As Safe.  25b is the section of the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA) which exempts these GRAS materials from being registered as pesticides.  Click here to see the relevant parts of the EPA website.

  • The manufacturer states “This product is 100% non-toxic and will not harm the environment.

  • Bed bugs are not resistant to Cimi-Shield and are unlikely to ever become so.

  • It is the best value for your money spent.

This is a nano-science material with particles so small (10 microns) that a single layer of them would put 5 million particles on a postage stamp and that layer would be 1/10th the thickness of a sheet of paper.  That’s minuscule! With this material you may have over a billion particles sprayed throughout your home, creating a Virtual Minefield.

The Cimi-Shield particles are sprayed on all of your carpets, bed frames, mattresses, box springs, upholstered furniture, parts of the walls around beds, and anywhere else the bed bugs may travel.  While bedbugs are attempting to access your bed, they are getting this effective material all over them. As it dissolves their waxy coating, bed bugs die in less than a day. We have used this product on over 1,000 residences and have realized outstanding results. If you do not have carpeting, we will put a small rug (the bed’s footprint) under each bed.  You must have this to create the Virtual Minefield.

Island Fortress:

With Bed Bugs all Gone the Island Fortress is the other half of the equation for success.  This describes your isolated bed. What makes up an Island Fortress?…  a combination of three primary factors.  First, we encapsulate all mattresses and box springs with bed bug proof encapsulations.  It’s like a zippered pillow case for your bed. This, of course is sprayed with Cimi-Shield along with your bed frame which has previously been sanitized with steam heat. Second, we put isolators under the feet of the bed which prevent bed bugs from walking up the legs of the bed.  Third, we position the bed with six to eight inches of air space between it and the walls and all surrounding furniture. This prevents bed bugs from crawling onto the bed from any other direction.  Thus you have an Island Fortress that bugs cannot get on.  Of course, you must do your part in maintaining the isolation of the bed by not putting things on the floor that touch the bed or isolators.

We Bring It All Together:

Bed bugs generally seek their meal in the middle of the night.  They see your infrared heat signature in the rooms or under doorways.  Bed bugs will travel the length of a hallway, like a heat seeking missile to get to its victim.  In trying to get to you they will walk over the surface of the carpet that has about 10 million particles of Cimi-Shield per square foot.  They will be undaunted in their efforts, but they will be defeated because of the Island Fortress.  Having come in contact with the Virtual Minefield, they will go back into hiding before daylight and die.  Our whole program gives your home the highest level of bed bug resistance available!