The International City of Oakland, CA sits right on San Francisco Bay, just across from the City of San Francisco. Oakland, CA is the largest city in the East Bay and has a very dense population.  Whenever you get dense populations, such as in Oakland, CA, you get wide spread bed bug problems. It is no one’s fault; it is just a fact of life as this 21st Century menace wreaks havoc in people’s homes across the Bay Area.  Bed bugs were thought to be pretty much eliminated back in the 50’s and 60’s, but bed bugs are back with a vengeance and affecting every socio-economic level of society.  This is true for Oakland, CA, too.

Other bugs suck our blood, like mosquitoes, so why do we find bed bugs so creepy?  It is because bed bugs love to get in our beds and attack by night when we are asleep in our homes in Oakland, CA.  Bed bugs also hitchhike on our clothes and belongings to other places, so the bed bug infestations spread without anyone knowing it.  The way bed bugs work, we don’t have a fighting chance, unless you completely exterminate the bed bugs. That is easy to do if you know what you are doing.  We at Bed Bugs all Gone know what we are doing. We only deal in bed bugs. Our high-tech methods of killing bed bugs use a non-toxic material that can give you a one year pro-rata warranty to be bed bug free, regardless of re-infestation during the course of the year.

At Bed Bugs all Gone you will enjoy the best overall value.

  • We can respond rapidly to any spot in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Our hours are  7AM- 10PM, Mon- Sat.  We will work long hours to make sure you are safe by bedtime.

  • There is little or no preparation by occupants.

  • We pride ourselves on our low toxicity, non-chemical treatments.  We will not use neurotoxic pesticides. We use Cimi-Shield whose manufacturer guarantees that it is 100% non toxic and will not harm the environment.  Its active ingredient is soybean oil which is non toxic to us but it dissolves the bugs’ waxy coating so they die from dehydration in minutes.

  • Our prices are spelled out under the Affordable Rates tab.  No surprises!  Rates vary depending on whether a property is 1) vacant or occupied 2) unfurnished or furnished and 3) the level of infestation and clutter.  We can usually come close over the phone.

  • Since Cimi-Shield is Non Toxic and “Generally Regarded As Safe” (GRAS) by the EPA, it is allowed to have a much longer effective life than traditional toxic pesticides.  Generally, a One Year Warranty is available.

  • Bed bugs hide by day.  With 200 times greater capacity to smell out scents than humans, trained dogs can sniff out hidden bugs even in daytime.  With our dog, Megan, we are one of the few companies that have its own K-9 inspection team.  Megan is faster and far more accurate than a human.

We are local and family owned.  Our owner was born in Palo Alto and received his degrees at Stanford.  Our dog handler did her graduate work at Cal State San Jose.  The owner is personally present at each service.