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Problems With Other Methods of Bed Bug Control

Explained By Our Exterminators in the San Francisco Bay Area

At Bed Bugs all Gone, our exterminators in the San Francisco Bay Area use only the safest and latest in extermination methods. Using state-of-the-art equipment and backed by years of experience, we can help you with your bed bug extermination today. Earlier in "Non-Toxic Method" we explained how our complete service yields long lasting results. Now let's look at the drawbacks of other methods.

Toxic Gas Fumigation

Some people want EVERY bed bug to be eliminated as soon as possible. “Tenting” the house and fumigating it with Vikane gas is the most promising method for total elimination. But this is even costlier than a termite fumigation since you must use the gas at double strength for bed bugs. It also requires extensive preparation and the removal of all plants and pets and people for about four days. You might also re-introduce bugs when you return from your absence or any other time over the next year. Gas fumigation leaves absolutely no residual substance to kill a single bug the day after service so we advise that you follow it with a service like ours to protect against re-infestation of beds and belongings. Why not just use us in the first place for longer lasting results?

Heat Treatment

Our experience is that heat treatment takes way more client preparation than our Cimi-Shield service, costs more, and requires you to be gone for many hours. It also has a higher failure rate than gas fumigation since a few bugs may find areas in the cracks of slab floors or near outside walls where cold air could infiltrate and the bugs in that area could survive. Heat treatments would be more effective if they also put a tent over the house like gas fumigation and heated simultaneously from both the inside and outside, but we have never seen this done. Also, like gas fumigation, heat treatments leave nothing behind to kill anything even the next day, week, month, or year. Why go to the bother when you could just call us for lasting results at less cost and hassle?

Traditional Toxic Treatments

If you use the less effective toxic service, It still requires you to do lots of preparation. Then you have to suffer through 3 preparations and 3 absences for 3 toxic services over 30 days before they hope to get control. Then they warranty it for only 30 days since the EPA discourages toxic materials that last very long. Unfortunately, about 25% of the time they have to come back for a 4th, or even a 5th service to establish control. In other words, this method has three times the initial hassle, fails five times as often as our single service, and gives a warranty just 1/12th as long as our non-toxic method. This toxic method’s shortcomings are the main reason this epidemic has gotten worse every year for two decades. As Einstein observed, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again
while expecting different results”. Call us for fast and long-lasting results.

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