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Non-Toxic Bed Bug Treatment Method in San Francisco Bay Area

Expert Bed Bug Removal from Bed Bugs All Gone

Simply put, we physically separate the bugs from the people and then we use a non-toxic agent to kill the bugs over the whole next year as all of them attempt to reach the people to get a meal of blood. This long-term protection is what makes us so effective at ending your bed bug nightmare. You may have heard many horror stories about how the “bugs kept coming back” from victims who tried other companies. When you read this, you will understand why that happened to them but why we will keep it from happening to you.

If you are in need of bed bug elimination in San Francisco Bay Area, call Bed Bugs all Gone at (800) 865-5119 to learn more!

If you are in need of bed bug elimination in San Francisco Bay Area, call Bed Bugs all Gone at (800) 865-5119 to learn more about our non-toxic treatment method.

Quick Background on Bed Bugs

Bed bugs have incredible survival characteristics, so traditional pest control methods do not work well with them. We use these very survival traits against the bed bugs and that is why we win. What are some of these traits?

Here are some facts regarding bed bugs:

  • They feed almost exclusively on humans and bats.
  • They feed at night and find you by your infra-red heat signature.
  • They can survive up to a year between meals.
  • They hide by day in tight places or very small cracks and holes.
  • They often hide behind baseboards, inside walls, and under carpets.
  • The females lay two to three eggs per day and hundreds in a lifetime.
  • Their sticky eggs are only 1mm and new hatchlings are even smaller.
  • You probably wouldn’t notice if a bed bug or egg got on you.
  • The eggs hatch in about 7-10 days and immediately look for a meal.
  • They do not have skin; their exoskeleton is covered with a waxy coating.
  • About 75% of the bugs reside in your bed frame, mattress, or box spring.
  • They can’t fly or jump; they can only walk very slowly.

Our Non-Toxic Method

Since about 75% of the bed bugs are in your bed, we start the first day by eliminating them from ever threatening you. We put tightly-woven bedbug-proof, cloth encapsulations around your mattresses and your box springs. These work to trap and starve the bugs inside so they can never get out to bother you again. These covers are essentially large pillowcases that filter down to a micron or two and act as a HEPA filter for your bed (a micron is 1/1000
of a millimeter). Next, we treat the bed frame with 275-degree steam under pressure to kill any bugs in it. This leaves just the 25% of bugs still hiding around the room in walls, behind baseboards, under carpets, or in other dark places. They must eventually come out in order to try to feed on you as you sleep. We spray the baseboards and carpets wall to wall, with 10 million particles of non-toxic Cimi Shield per square foot so they are lethal (but non-toxic) to the bugs for over a year.

Then we spray the encapsulated mattresses, box springs, and bed frames, as a further precaution just in case a bed bug did get onto the bed. Since bed bugs can’t jump or fly, we put isolators under the bed feet which prevents from
walking up the legs. We rebuild the bed from the floor up, positioning the bed with a couple of inches of air space all around it so bugs can’t crawl onto it from any surrounding wall or furniture. Now you have an Island Fortress surrounded by a Virtual Minefield of Cimi-Shield. The bed bugs will kill themselves trying to get to you.

How Cimi-Shield Works

As mentioned earlier, bed bugs seek their victims in the middle of the night by seeing a human’s infrared heat signature. They can see anything that is more than a couple of degrees above room temperature. At night, our bedrooms are typically at 68 degrees, but we humans are always about 98 degrees. We are the only thing in
the room that is 30 degrees above room temperature. The bed bug is like a heat-seeking missile. Whenever existing bugs or even newly-introduced bugs get hungry, they will walk to the bed over surfaces that have about 10 million particles of Cimi-Shield per square foot. They will pick up a larger dose of this material if we can keep them walking around in it for a longer period.

The second goal of the isolators is to force the bugs to walk from leg to leg of the bed and pick up a larger and larger dose of the material, all without ever getting a meal from you. For them, this isn’t the last supper, but rather it is the last attempt at a supper and then they die. Since humans and our pets do not have a waxy coating, this material has no effect on us. Nontoxic Cimi-Shield is made from food-grade soy. The polypeptide protein chains are arranged in an esterase that dissolves the waxy coating which acts as the bug’s skin. When this coating becomes porous, the bug loses its moisture and dies of dehydration in a few hours. This was proven by real-world testing that was part of
the government filings during the products approval process. In that demonstration, fresh bugs were released in an apartment that had a single service a full year earlier. all of the new bugs died within two to eight hours of exposure even after that full year of human traffic!

Our whole program gives you and your residence the highest level of bed bug resistance available! Give us a call to defeat bed bugs now. We service the San Francisco Bay Area and the Big Valley.

If you are in need of bed bug elimination in San Francisco Bay Area, call Bed Bugs all Gone at (800) 865-5119 to learn more about our non-toxic treatment.