No Special Preparation Necessary

Our complete non-toxic service requires no preparation. In fact, it is best if you do nothing to try and get ready for our arrival, unless you throw out clutter that needs to be thrown out or given away anyway. There is no requirement for you to vacate your home.

Leave the Work to Us

If you leave the rooms as they usually are, it will help us advise you.  Don’t strip the beds or move any furniture. You may have heard or read about all kinds of preparation from other companies or the internet.  None of this applies for our comprehensive and virtually fail-proof system. All we ask is that you unlock the door and let us in. If you can stay while we do the treatment, that’s even better.  You will learn a lot about how to avoid bed bugs in the future. Remember, it’s totally non-toxic.

Day of Service

The day of service, we will be bagging up all your linens on the beds.  You will be asked to wash and dry what is dirty and simply dry what is clean on medium heat for 30 minutes.  This will sterilize your bedding so your beds Island Fortress are 100% bed bug free when you go to bed that night.  In the vast majority of cases, your bites will stop that night.

Call (844)-416-4999 for this complete service.