Mountain View, CA is a city in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Mountain View, CA is bordered by the San Francisco Bay and the communities of Palo Alto, Los Altos, and Sunnyvale.  State Route 82 follows the historic El Camino Real through Mountain View, CA. Mountain View, CA is right off U.S. Route 101 and is located at the north end of State Route 85.

Mountain View, CA had its beginnings as a stage coach stop between San Francisco and San Jose.  Later Mountain View became a town and Mountain View, CA was named for its views of the Santa Cruz Mountains.  Mountain View’s early growth was due to agricultural endeavors. Today Mountain View, CA is mostly residential, but Mountain View still has room for many high-technology companies to call home.  This is the foundation of the local economy in Mountain View. Mountain View, CA is one of the major cities that make up Silicon Valley.

Nature thrives in Mountain View, CA.  Mountain View has nearly 1000 acres of parks and open space preserves.  Mountain View’s quaint downtown area is on Castro Street and it is very pedestrian friendly.  Downtown Mountain View Station is an important hub for buses, shuttles, light rail, and Caltrain.  Every Sunday in Mountain View there is a Farmer’s Market in the Mountain View Station’s parking lot.  Mountain View also hosts an annual Mountain View Art & Wine Festival. This is no ordinary festival. Mountain View’s festival features world-class, extraordinary art, stellar live music, and Mountain View’s “Wine Haven” provides high-end wines from the Santa Cruz Mountain Winegrowers Association.

Due to Mountain View’s proximity to the Pacific Ocean, summers in Mountain View and winters in Mountain View are somewhat moderate.  Residents of Mountain View, CA enjoy lots of sun. Sunshine is good for the soul. As with the communities surrounding Mountain View, CA, Mountain View has warm, dry summers and Mountain View has wet, mild winters. There is nothing better than this climate for bed bugs to thrive and proliferate in Mountain View.  That is what’s not good for the soul.

Bed bugs are known as “hitchhikers.”  The bed bugs or their bed bug eggs grab hold of clothing or things you carry with you while out and about and living life in Mountain View.  Bed bugs and their bed bug eggs then deposit in innocuous places in your Mountain View home and set up housekeeping, making the lives of humans that live in that Mountain View home miserable.  Bed bugs feed almost solely on human blood and some people react quite violently to the bed bug “bites.” Others don’t react at all to bed bug “bites,” so it may be quite awhile before Mountain View residents know they have an infestation of bed bugs.  Major infestations of bed bugs in your Mountain View home are harder to get control of.

Whether the infestation of bed bugs in your Mountain View home is large or small, Bed Bugs all Gone knows how to exterminate them and keep you from getting bed bug bites in the future.  Bed Bugs all Gone uses a non-toxic material called Cimi-Shield which will continue to kill bed bugs for over a year.  The extermination process of bed bugs does not have to be cumbersome for the Mountain View resident. Bed Bugs all Gone is the leader in extermination of bed bugs, remediation of bed bugs, and prevention of bed bugs.  They are so sure of their extermination process that Bed Bugs all Gone gives a one year conditional warranty on their service.

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  • We respond rapidly to anywhere in the San Francisco Bay Area and work long hours, six days a week to make sure you get the absolute best service…quickly, thoroughly and safely.

  • Your family and pets are totally safe since our treatment is non-toxic.  We use Cimi-Shield, guaranteed by the manufacturer to be 100% non-toxic and Generally Regarded As Safe” (GRAS) by the EPA.  Its active ingredient is soybean oil, a natural substance which dissolves the bug’s waxy coating so bed bugs die from dehydration in just two to eight hours after exposure to Cimi-Shield.

  • You have to do little or no preparation before we come out.

  • You get zero surprises since our fees are clearly noted (see the Best Value tab).  In speaking with you by phone, we inform you that our fees vary depending on whether the property is vacant or occupied; unfurnished or furnished; and/or the level of infestation and clutter.  We can give you a firm quote by phone.

  • Non-toxic Cimi-Shield treatment kills bed bugs for an entire year and comes with a standard one year conditional warranty.

  • We offer K-9 inspections.  K-9’s have over 10,000 times the scenting ability of humans; it is incredible!  Dogs are far more accurate in finding bed bugs than a human doing a physical inspection since bed bugs hide during the day.  Our dog, Megan, is specially trained and is faster and far more precise than any human inspection.

  • We are local and family owned.  Our owner was born in Palo Alto and received his degrees at Stanford.  Our dog handler did her graduate work at San Jose State University.