Extremely Accurate and Affordable Bed Bug Canine Inspections


in the San Francisco Bay Area & the Central Valley

In the early stages of infestation, bed bugs and their nymphs can be virtually impossible to see. To say the least, it’s unnerving to suspect you have bed bugs but not be able to verify their existence.

A thorough K-9 inspection can provide you peace of mind by detecting the presence of bed bugs and the extent of their infestation. Studies show that canines are 90 to 95% effective in locating bed bugs. Our dog, a friendly beagle named Megan—or one of our other three K-9 bug detectors—typically takes less than 30 minutes to investigate your home. Our bed bug K-9 inspection is quick, easy to schedule, and low-cost. We offer K-9 inspections for as little as $180.00 with a minimal surcharge for inspections in San Francisco. Click here for a University of Florida canine study showing K-9 effectiveness.

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Meet Megan

Megan, a beagle, weighs only 18 pounds. She is our premier bed bug-sniffing dog for our San Francisco-area service. She was trained at Ironheart High Performance Working Dogs, LLC in Shawnee, Kansas. Ironheart is one of only two K-9 bug detector training centers in the United States, nationally accredited by The National Entomology Scent Detection Canine Association (NESDCA).

According to Matt Skogen, the owner and Director of Training for Ironheart High Performance Working Dogs, training a bed bug detector dog is one of the most difficult detector dogs to train. It requires months of daily training, but their positive training methods coupled with many years of experience have produced excellent results all across the nation.

Elite Canines

Very few dogs make the cut to be trained as bedbug detection dogs. At Ironheart, the canine must have an extremely high food drive, much more so than an average dog. He/she must also show a strong work ethic and the ability to focus, along with a certain kind of courage and inquisitiveness to constantly be in new work situations. K-9 bed bug detectors are generally trained for just one thing; Megan seeks out only live, viable bedbugs and their eggs.

Did you know that the average dog has 220 million scent receptor sites in his/her nose as opposed to a human’s five million? These receptors are so sensitive that even some of the most accurate scientific scent measuring technologies are unable to compete. Scent is undoubtedly the most important of the dog’s practical senses, but also the most difficult for us humans to comprehend.

Megan’s many months of learning to use her finely tuned nose pays off as she searches out live bedbugs and viable eggs. A study by the University of Florida confirms the efficacy of well-trained bedbug canines. Regular canine inspections find bedbug infestations early on so they can be dealt with before it becomes a major infestation. In the earliest stages of a bedbug infestation, it is difficult to identify the source of the problem. Canine bedbug detection can locate an issue before it becomes a medium or heavy infestation. This saves you significant money on treatment.

Hardworking & Effective Canines

It is not uncommon for organizations to have bedbug canines sweep their premises on a regular basis just to be assured there are no bedbugs. This is a proactive approach to dealing with what is quickly becoming a major pest problem in the United States.

Megan is a professional working dog. She participates in rigorous weekly training to stay honed for her mission. This canine loves her work; it is the very best sport for her. According to Ironheart, bedbug dogs sniff an average of 118 times per minute; there is a regular marathon going on as they search out for bedbugs and their viable eggs. They are, in fact, elite athletes in their own way. Megan works for 20 minutes then takes a 20 to 30-minute break so she is always on top of her game.

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Bed Bug Inspection Process

Before bedbugs can be properly treated and eliminated, the problem areas must be identified, and the extent of the infestation determined. This can be accomplished in two ways. One is a visual inspection by a well-trained professional starting at the main feeding areas, the bedrooms. The bed is first inspected working outward to headboards, storage under the bed, mirrors, dressers, and carpets. Special attention is paid to the edges of the baseboards where the bug can retreat under the carpeting, behind the baseboard, or into the wall itself.

Needless to say, it would cause great destruction (and has in the past) to remove the baseboards, peel back all the carpeting, or cut into the wall every 16 inches to inspect each stud cavity for bedbugs. But on a visual inspection, without doing those things, bedbugs may get missed. The inspector uses accurate magnifying equipment, a flashlight, and tools to pry back carpeting or unscrew switch plates. The inspection moves from room to room until a plan is clear. Looking for live bugs, cast-off skins, viable eggs, and dark spots from blood and feces, it can take a long time to complete a thorough visual inspection.

The second method of inspection is with a trained bedbug canine and handler. They follow much the same pattern as the inspector did, but the process is much quicker, without the use of a lot of equipment. The highly-trained canine can smell bedbugs and viable eggs under carpeting, behind baseboards, and behind wall plates with ease. There is no better way to inspect for bedbugs than with highly trained detector dogs.

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