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Buy Now – Pay Later

No Credit Check Financing pays for your bed bug service.


Approval for the loan is easy! It is based on your ability to repay the loan; they look at your monthly

This special financing is offered by RCFCO of Torrance, CA through the Arc 90 plan of
Global Check. It features a 9o-day “same as cash” no interest option. Establish credit or improve
your credit score by making your first three loan payments on time. If you go over 90 days in
repaying the loan, the interest rate ranges from 9% to 15% depending on which plan you choose,
whether it is 6, 9, or 12 months.


Get your approval in minutes…loan amounts can range from $300 to $3500.

All you need is to be employed or have regular income, a standard checking account with a reasonable
balance, and an unexpired state issued ID or driver’s license. Savings accounts and “debit card only”
are not accepted; it must be a checking account. There is a $35 application fee, but if you are not
approved or for some reason choose NOT to take the loan, there is no $35 fee.

Though Global Check does not do credit checks, you will have to supply your bank checking
information. It is all automated; humans are not privy to this information. They are looking for
regular income to assure you can repay the loan and if you have bounced checks recently. Within one
minute of your submitting the application, you will receive an e-mail. It is imperative that you
respond to this notice from Global Check. It is a security measure. If you do not see it in your inbox,
be sure to check your spam or junk boxes for the e-mail. Follow the directions and you’ll be good to

Once approved, you may choose from three different plans and a variety of payment options.
  • Payment plans are six, nine, or twelve months.
  • The 6- and 9-months plans have an interest rate of only 9%.
  • The 12-months program charges you 15% interest for the year.

If you choose the 6-months plan and for some reason it goes to 9, you still get the 9% interest. You
must however be in contact with Global Check if you will be late in making payments. They are great.
If, you cannot fulfill your 9-months obligation, again, contact Global Check prior to being late on your
agreed upon payments; they will work with you. Far better than a credit card!

Another scenario is if you are not approved for the amount you need. Should this occur, contact our
office and we will call on your behalf and try to get an exception.

Of course, all of you who are approved, no matter what plan you choose, have the option of paying the
loan off within 3 months. You will pay absolutely No Interest!

Do not let the bed bugs win; Apply Now or call our office and we can assist by filling out the
application for you.

Get your service nowPay later!