Bed Bugs all Gone gives you fast, comprehensive, long lasting relief from bed bugs.  


We use a safe, non-toxic solution, Cimi-Shield, that kills bed bugs for more than a year.  Combined with the fact that our fees are often lower than other services which are not nearly as effective,  you win; the bed bugs lose.

So, how comprehensive is our service? 

Very… We condition your box spring; then your mattress and box spring are each encapsulated in a cloth bed bug proof encapsulation. After that your frame is steamed under pressure to kill the bed bugs that love to hide there.  If you do not have carpeting, we will place a rug under the footprint of the bed. Following that the carpeting, frame, box spring and mattress are all sprayed with non-toxic Cimi-Shield which will cause bed bugs to die for over a year.  This is important because bed bugs can live up to 400 days without a blood meal from you. They’ll just hide out in some tight, dark, undisturbed place …walls, baseboards, under carpets, etc… until they are hungry. After all this is done we spray up any walls that are close to your bed  and put isolators under the feet of the bed, positioning it about four to six inches from any wall or furniture. This is called an air gap. That is there to keep bed bugs from having access to your bed as they do not fly or jump or walk through thin air.

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Your Very Best Value

Our rates are based on the time and materials we must use to eliminate the bed bugs and every service comes with a one year warranty that bed bugs will not get on your bed to draw another meal if you keep the arrangement that we have put in place. The greater the infestation or clutter, the more time it takes. The more furnishings (beds, sofas, chairs, etc.) the more time and materials as well.

Here are our rates to create a “Cimi-Shield Minefield:”

Property/Situation // Price Range (per interior square foot)

Vacant and Unfurnished // 45 - 55 cents

Vacant and Furnished // 55 - 70 cents

Occupied // 70 - 90 cents


$500 base rate (whichever is greater)

The rates for each bed service by which we create an “Island Fortress” are:

Twin / or Twin Sofa Bed // $150.

Full / or Full Sofa Bed // $175.

Queen / or Queen Sofa Bed // $200.

King  / or Cal King // $250.

Crib // $100.

Twin Bunk // $250.

Twin/Full Bunk // $275.

Captains Beds are double these rates*
(*A Captain’s Bed is one with drawers built into the frame.)

Special rates can be arranged for volume applications in places such as hotels, retirement centers, barracks, group housing.