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At Bed Bugs all Gone, we work hard to provide all our customers with safe, effective, and long-lasting solutions to their bed bug infestations. For more than 30 years, we have eliminated bed bugs in homes and businesses all throughout California. As a result, we have a comprehensive understanding of bed bug infestations and how to treat them. Using our extensive experience and state-of-the-art equipment, our exterminators in San Francisco Bay Area can help you resolve your bed bug problem quickly and efficiently.

We are here to answer all your questions and address any concerns you may have. Feel free to look below if you have any questions about us, bed bugs, or our treatments. If your question is not there or if you have more questions about the answer we have provided, feel free to contact us today. We look forward to meeting you and helping you eliminate these pesky nuisances from your life!

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  • How Do I Know if Have Bed Bugs?

    If you have awakened with tiny bites on your skin or blood spots on your bedding, you may have a bed bug infestation. However, the only sure-fire way to know is if you visually confirm the existence of a live bed bug. While cast exoskeletons, hatched eggs, and blood spots are generally an accurate method of identifying a bed bug infestation, they could also all be signs of a past infestation rather than a current one. To effectively determine if your house is infested with bed bugs, either call a professional, conduct an investigation yourself, or both.

    You should have these items on hand for your inspection:

    • Trash bags and tape for bagging infested items
    • Knife, index card, or credit card for swiping bed bugs out of cracks
    • Gloves (vinyl, latex, etc.—or even a plastic bag over your hand)
    • Tweezers or sticky tape to help grab the bugs
    • A vial, pill bottle, or Ziploc bag to hold specimens for identification
    • Magnifier or hand lens
    • Flashlight

    Using these items, carefully and systematically search all areas that you believe might be infested. These pests are tiny, so be sure to thoroughly search all suspected areas. This includes in curtains, behind wallpaper, behind doors, underneath baseboards, within carpets, and so on. Literally, any space that is capable of having a credit card wedged inside is a potentially infested area. If, after extensive searching, you cannot find evidence of a live bed bug, contact our exterminators in San Francisco Bay Area today and we will quickly and efficiently locate your infestation if you have one.

  • How Do Homes & Businesses Get Infested by Bed Bugs?

    Bed bugs are tiny and easily transferable, which is why they are so easy to attain and so hard to eliminate. They can latch themselves onto boxes, pillows, clothing, furniture, luggage, and any other physical object that has been affected. Used furniture, including mattresses and bed springs, are especially notorious for containing bed bugs. Keep an eye out for furniture on the curb and other used items, since bed bugs can survive for many months on end without having a meal. In rare cases, bed bugs can even latch onto birds, bats, cats, and dogs.

    When determining the source, try to remember where you were last before the infestation started. If you recently went traveling, stayed in a hotel, had a relative visit, or something similar, that might be how you got infested. Regardless, our exterminators in San Francisco Bay Area will work to locate the source in a timely and professional manner.

  • Where Do Bed Bugs Live?

    All places that have a high turnover rate for people sleeping in them are most at risk for having bed bug infestations. These include resorts, airports, hostels, hotels, and the like. However, other places at risk include furniture outlets, trains, theaters, subways, schools, restaurants, resorts, office buildings, nursing homes, moving vans, motor homes, motels, laundromats, jets, hospitals, homes, health clubs, dressing rooms, dormitories, cruise ships, community centers, churches, cabins, buses, barracks, apartments, and so on. Sanitation and hygiene don’t really matter to bed bugs. The only thing that matters is if there is blood for them to consume. They are infinitesimally small, which makes them near-impossible to detect. They can be located in the smallest of crevices and you would never even know without thorough inspections.

  • Will Bed Bugs Travel On Me?

    It is highly unlikely that bed bugs will travel on your skin or clothes since you move about too much for you to be an effective hiding place. However, they are likely to travel in your suitcase or luggage, within new furniture, on used mattresses, and so on. Any place that is dark and hidden is a prime spot for bed bugs to infest and travel through.

  • How do I Minimize Getting Bed Bugs Again?

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