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About Bed Bug Biology

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In order to win a battle, you must understand your adversary’s strengths, weaknesses, and habits. In pest control, bed bugs are the battle of this new century, but the strategies and tactics of the past century have us losing the war. Read this and you will understand why our company is championing a different solution.


Bed Bug Strengths

undefinedBed bugs have plagued mankind since prehistoric times. They are mentioned in Greek and biblical literature. They live only on blood drawn from animals as they sleep -- especially from humans as we lack fur, which gets in their way. They can last over a year without eating as they sometimes eat over 100% of their weight in one 15 minute meal. We also keep our habitats at ideal temperatures where bed bugs thrive. Bed bugs breed incredibly fast, going from egg to breeding adult in just 60-90 days and laying 200-300 eggs in less than a year. Counting her generations of offspring, a single female can replicate 1000 fold in just a year if food (human blood) is abundant. Also the eggs are so small (1/32 inch) that nearly 1000 could fit on a postage stamp. The eggs are sticky so we can transport them on our clothes and belongings without knowing it. The initial hatchlings are so small that hundreds can fit on a stamp, and even 20-30 full-grown adults would fit on a stamp. They hide during the day and feed on us while we sleep in the middle of the night. They can find us in the dark of night by homing in on our heat signature (as little as 1-2 degrees above the ambient) or sensing our exhaled breath’s higher CO2 level. The places they hide are hard for us to reach: The insides of walls, under carpets or furniture, behind pictures or headboards, and deep in mattresses, box springs, or the cushions of furniture. They have rapidly become resistant to most of today’s best neurotoxin pesticides. The dried residuals of these pesticides are often only 1-10% as effective as the initial liquid spray, so it is difficult to get a lasting control even if only 1% survive initially. Further, most of these pesticides are repellent pyrethroids which cause the bugs to disperse more widely. The breeding method is brutal: Numerous males attack the female and stab her directly in the abdomen to inject their sperm. Naturally, this causes the female to flee while laying 2-4 eggs per day as she travels. The longer a colony builds up, the wider they disperse. The bugs seem to be getting 15-20% worse each year in the U.S. despite a couple of decades of best efforts. This sounds like impossible pest control situation, but now let’s look at our enemy’s weaknesses, and how we at Beg Bugs all Gone can use this to our advantage.

Bed Bug Weaknesses & Our Control Strategy

Bed bugs have a waxy coating on their exoskeleton or shell to keep them from dehydrating. Our soy oil/protein product dissolves the Bedbug shell’s waxy coating so it dehydrates and dies in minutes to a few hours. No resistance has been noted to date; our soy treatment stays effective for up to 12 months. Our Cimi-Shield soy product does not affect humans, so it is classified as a GRAS material (Generally Regarded As Safe) and qualifies for an EPA 25b exemption from registration.

Avoiding Re-Infestationsundefined

Turning your resting places into “Island Fortresses” will deprive the bugs of the one food they need, which is your blood. Bed bugs grow by casting off their exoskeletons five different times as they go from egg to adult. This only occurs after a blood meal before each molt. By depriving the bugs of blood meals, we can either delay their maturation by many months or prevent it entirely by killing them as they cross the soy “Virtual Minefield”. If they do reach adulthood, female bed bugs only breed and lay eggs after a meal, so depriving them of food or killing them on the trip to and from the meal also prevents future generations. We recommend that you replenish the strength of the "Virtual Minefield" once a year. The cost is just a fraction of the original service price.

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