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Facts About Bed Bugs

Everything You [N]ever Wanted to Know About Bed Bugs

At Bed Bugs all Gone, our team is committed to providing our customers with the highest quality of care possible. This includes ensuring they know everything they need to know about bed bugs, our treatment method, and why we use our method. On this page, we provided essential information about bedbugs and links to pages with more specific facts.

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Where Do Bed Bugs Come From?

There are many ways you can end up with bed bugs. Bed bugs are fairly rare, so they don’t just find their way into the four walls of your house, like other pests. Bed bugs don’t fly or jump. Rather, they are hitchhikers, attaching themselves to your person and following you home. If you have bed bugs, you may have picked them up from any number of places, including:

  • Movie theater
  • Church
  • Restaurant
  • Hospital waiting room
  • Shopping mall
  • Schools (Bed bugs often travel home on children’s backpacks)
  • University and college campuses
  • Hotels, motels, and hostels
  • Public transportation (trollies, trains, buses, taxis, ridesharing services, airplanes, etc.)

Bed bugs can be transferred from used furniture, clothing, cars, and more. If you live in an urban area or regularly travel, you are more susceptible to gaining a stowaway on your way home.

How Do Bed Bugs Survive?

  • Bedbugs infest all sorts of buildings and areas, ranging from hospitals to taxis to homes and more
  • They will continue to thrive and proliferate within an area until they are professionally exterminated
  • Bedbugs need to be completely eliminated because they are hard to detect, can breed rapidly, and are surprisingly resistant
  • They feed on the blood of the inhabitants of a home and can survive for up to one year in between meals, so they are long-lasting

Still Curious About Bed Bugs and How they End up in Your Home?

Still interested in learning more about bed bugs and how they land in your bed? Here are a few more fun facts about bed bugs to tie you over:

  • Bed bugs infest all sorts of buildings and places as noted above. They will continue to thrive until they are professionally exterminated.
  • Bedbugs can live over a year.
  • Bed bugs feed almost solely on the blood of humans. In the wild they feed on bats. Bed bugs do not generally feed on pets and other animals (except bats) and they can survive for over a year in between meals, so they are very long lasting.
  • Bed bugs are hard to detect; they can breed rapidly; and they are surprisingly resistant to many forms of elimination. The only definitive way to know you have bed bugs is to see a live one.
  • Finding cast off bed bug skeletons, eggs, or blood spots on linens or the furniture is a generally accurate sign of a bed bug infestation, especially if you have some bites on your skin.
  • Another method of determining a bed bug infestation is to have a trained K-9 sniff out your place. The dog will alert if bed bugs or their eggs are detected. A trained K-9’s sense of smell is absolutely fantastic and almost beyond belief.
  • Bed bug eggs are so small that almost 1000 will fit on a small postage stamp. The hatchlings are also small; about 500 will fit on that same postage stamp. As hatchlings they will disperse and try to get their first blood meal.
  • The look of the bed bug bite will vary depending on your own body’s particular allergic reaction. The “bites” often itch and scratching them may cause an infection. About 50% of the population will have no reaction whatsoever to a bed bug “bite”. That is why husbands and wives can sometimes say “She gets “bit” but they don’t “bite” me at all.
  • If you are lucky, you find a bed bug the same day as contracting it. However, it may generally take from one month to five months after initial contact before you have a sense of what is happening.
  • In buildings with common walls, bed bugs can move from one unit to another, being undiscovered for months.
  • Bed bugs have fantastic survival skills; they can last up to a full year between meals; so the logical step in dealing with bed bugs is to call a professional, but not just any so called professional. Call Bed Bugs all Gone, expert exterminators who have a revolutionary, non-toxic treatment plan that can out last the bed bugs and kill them as they come out of hiding for well over a year.

Additional Reading on Bed Bugs

When it comes to bed bugs, we know all there is to know. Check out the following pages for more reading on these pesky bugs:

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