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Facts About Bed Bugs

By Our San Francisco Bay Area Exterminators

At Bed Bugs all Gone, our team is committed to providing our customers with the highest quality of care possible. This includes ensuring they know everything they need to know about bed bugs, our treatment method, and why we use our method. On this page, we provided essential information about bedbugs and links to pages with more specific facts. To learn more about bedbugs and how our exterminators in the San Francisco Bay Area can assist you, please reach out to us today at (510) 230-0081.

Here are the basic facts about bedbugs:

  • Bedbugs infest all sorts of buildings and areas, ranging from hospitals to taxis to homes and more
  • They will continue to thrive and proliferate within an area until they are professionally exterminated
  • Bedbugs need to be completely eliminated because they are hard to detect, can breed rapidly, and are surprisingly resistant
  • They feed on the blood of the inhabitants of a home and can survive for up to one year in between meals, so they are long-lasting

You can learn more about bedbugs on any of the following pages:

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