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Bed Bug Treatment from our Bed Bug Exterminator in Milpitas, CA

Get a Good Night’s Sleep Again, with Bed Bugs All Gone

Milpitas, CA is a city in Santa Clara County in the San Francisco Bay Area with San Jose to the south. I 680 and I 880 run north and south through the city of Milpitas. I 680, I 880, along with State Route 237, links Milpitas to the rest of the San Francisco Bay Area. Milpitas is considered by some to be a suburb of San Jose, but Milpitas is a significant player in Silicon Valley, being an integral part of that high-tech society.  

Some major Silicon Valley companies are headquartered in Milpitas. In fact, Milpitas is ranked number 1 in the United States for having the largest percent of residents employed in the computer and electronic products industry. Milpitas has a very diversified resident population.

Milpitas, CA has a “Celebrate Milpitas Festival,” held annually every August. Milpitas also hosts an “International BBQ & Festival” each year. Milpitas provides a multitude of outstanding recreational opportunities and the residents of Milpitas enjoy various visual and performing arts.

Milpitas, CA has warm sunny weather with few extreme temperatures. Summer in Milpitas is dry and warm, but not hot like in other parts of the Bay Area. Most summer days in Milpitas range from the mid to high 70’s. Average winter temperatures range from 31 to 59 degrees. This is just the type of climate that bed bugs thrive on. It’s not too hot in Milpitas and not too cold. Bed bugs love moderate temperatures.

No one is immune to the problem of bed bugs. Bed bugs cross every socio-economic level; bed bugs know no boundaries. People in Milpitas who have bed bugs have done nothing wrong.

The best thing to do is stop the bed bugs in their tracks. Hire our professional bed bug extermination company in Milpitas to exterminate the bed bugs. 

Contact us online or by phone to handle your pesky visitors at (844) 416-4999 – we offer payment plans because we understand that no one plans for a home invasion.

Learn More About Bed Bugs

Bed bugs know no boundaries; it is simply a misfortune for a home to get infested with the pesky little blood suckers, bed bugs.

Milpitas residents have done nothing wrong; bed bugs are hitchhikers that you can pick up almost anywhere, even the most benign of environments. Bed bugs can be found in restaurants, movie theaters and even churches.

Bed bugs know no socio-economic boundaries. No community in the San Francisco Bay Area is exempt from bed bugs.

The best thing to do if you think you have bed bugs is to exterminate the bed bugs early on. Call us.

Some Milpitas, CA residents even get preventative service so they will not worry about an infestation of bed bugs.

Why Our Bed Bug Exterminator in Milpitas is The Right Choice

  • Better Business Bureau Platinum Provider
  • 30+ Years of Experience
  • K-9 Bed Bugs Inspections
  • Rapid Response Times
  • Thousands of Residences Saved from Infestation
  • Your Very Best Value
  • Unmarked Trucks for Your Confidentiality

Learn More About Us 

Bed Bugs all Gone is a leader in the field of bed bug remediation, extermination, and prevention.

After 30 years in the pest control industry, Steve, the owner, dedicates all of his time to the extermination of bed bug problems.

Rarely do bed bugs go that long, but bed bugs can. Bed bugs are also known as hitchhikers. Bed bugs hitch a ride on your person or your belongings to other areas of your home or to places you go outside of your Milpitas, CA home.

Steve realized that bed bugs are the single most difficult pest to exterminate because they hide out so effectively.

Also, bed bugs can go an entire year without eating……that is getting a blood meal from you.

Since 2014, our bed bug extermination company has been removing bed bugs exclusively.

We have experienced unprecedented success, which usually stops bed bug bites on the first day of service using a special method along with a non-toxic spray, and then eradicates the bugs for years thereafter, without using harmful pesticides.

This is because our revolutionary three step method adds some features that we feel have been left out of other methods.

Our Three Step Bed Bug Removal Process

Fortunately, Bed Bugs All Gone offers a three-step process for bed bug treatment in Milpitas:

  1. We decontaminate the beds by steaming or baking (heating) the frames to kill any bugs in them. We also put cloth encasements around the mattresses and box springs to trap any bugs in them so they will never bite you again. Then we spray all the bed parts with our material that kills bugs even if they can get on the bed. It is now a fortress.
  2. We isolate the beds from the rest of the room with special isolators under every leg that prevents bugs from walking up on the bed. We also position the bed so that there is an air gap between it and any walls or furniture. Since bed bugs cannot jump or fly, they cannot gain access to the bed. Now it is an Island Fortress.
  3. We surround this Island Fortress with a Virtual Minefield of ten million particles per square foot of our special material on the rugs below the bed. This kills any bugs that approach the bed seeking a meal for well over a year which is why we can offer a 15-month warranty. In fact, experience seems to show us that our material can do this for many years. It is not a toxic pesticide, but rather a substance (esterase) which is an enzyme that dissolves through the bug’s waxy coating. In just a few hours after they walk over it, they lose all their moisture and die of heat stroke.


For Quality Bed Bug Treatment in Milpitas, Call Bed Bugs All Gone Today At (844) 416-4999.


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