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Kill Bed Bugs in Vehicles the Natural Way

By Bed Bugs All Gone

If you’ve dealt with bed bugs in your home or place of work, you know what a hassle it is. You may also have questioned if there are bed bug issues in your vehicle. Cars and other vehicles can get infested with bed bugs, too. Traditional extermination methods are not effective, and neither is the well-accepted non-toxic approach. There are so many nooks and crannies for bed bugs to duck into, that you need to provide the most comprehensive treatment known to man, courtesy of Nature.

At Bed Bugs all Gone we get numerous calls about decontaminating vehicles; people are always surprised when we say the service is free! Just park your car or truck in direct sunlight for a full day. Be sure the windows are rolled up tight and there’ll be no shade from buildings or trees in the area. Mall parking lots are a favorite place for vehicle bed bug extermination.

The greenhouse effect will get the temperatures in the vehicle up to about 130 degrees when the outside temperature is only 70. A concentrated temperature of 122 degrees will kill bed bugs in minutes. Over the period of an 8-hour day there is time for the heat to penetrate the padding of seats, dashboards, carpets, etc. The heat will go up under the dash and into all the wiring where liquid pesticides would do damage if used.

If your car is packed to the hilt with clothes, you’ll want to throw them in a dryer and give them a loose tumble on medium to high heat (whatever the clothing specifications are.) Place the decontaminated clothes in a clean plastic bag for storage.

This is the one time a “scorching” hot vehicle is welcomed. You need never worry about bed bugs in your car again.